About Us


  • To assist young people in refraining from harmful behaviour and to encourage them into activities that will enrich their lives and the lives of their community
  • To provide support to families to develop their coping strategies in dealing with harmful behaviour
  • We are a crisis intervention service & a first point of contact for dis-empowered families and individuals.
  • We aim to raise social awareness with clients and service providers
  • To enable our clients to identify their supports/intervention needs
  • To develop a model of effective partnership with other service providers

Board of DirectorsChairperson: Isobel Phillips-Company Secretary: Sue Menton-Treasurer: Audrey Burke  

Amanda McCoy, Sean Mangan, Jacinta Sheils, Kate Morgan

Ballyfermot Social Intervention Initiative is registered in Ireland and trading as Blue Door

Registered Address:83 Cherry Orchard Crescent, Cherry Orchard, Ballyfermot, Dublin 10

CHY No 15471     Company No. 365186